Stories To Tell

Player, coach and commentator Jason Dibelius shares his thoughts on inspiring a kid with a dream. First you never tell a kid they can't do something, but then also be very honest with them about the challenges that they will run into along the way.

Often my favorite thing about sports is the story behind the story. The personalities, details of what it took to get to that moment that nobody saw, and as a coach Jason has a lot of stories. As a parent and an athlete, I have always appreciated having coaches that both challenge us and have our backs. The best coaches have a way of doing this seamlessly. Jason has some words of wisdom about the importance of showing up, despite our mood or what has happened in our day because consistency is the key to any successful path in life. A good coach makes an impact on an athlete’s game, but a great coach makes an mark on an athletes life by teaching them how to take what they learned in practice and competition and turn it into life long skills in consistency, discipline, teamwork and countless other virtues that make the world a better place. When we set expectations with our kids and then back them up with compassion, safety, and love, the sky is the limit for their achievement. Jason is the kind of coach that changes an athlete’s story on and off the court because of the lessons he learned from his own story.

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