Balance As Parent & Coach

Eric Cisneros, TVA Coach talks with Wendy Jones about how to make coaching your own child a positive experience. From the benefits of values based coaching to adding value to someone elses life to making memories, he understands the intrinsic value that the game can bring to our relationships and families.

I caught up with Eric Cisneros, coach, parent, and player at Triumph Volleyball Academy and asked him about his experience coaching his own daughters, how different personalities play into our coaching styles, and the difference between guiding an athlete and being a more results oriented coach. We talked about values based coaching and the opportunities it gives athletes to develop skills that will serve them far beyond the court and into their lives. Eric’s greatest desire as a coach is to add value to peoples lives and it starts in his own family and extends to the TVA family. Eric agrees with me that volleyball is a great way to spend family time and plays coed beach tournaments with his daughter regularly. To see the environment that is cultivated and celebrated at TVA is a gift to the volleyball world because they are training good athletes who are also becoming even better people.

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