Mechanic In A Room Of Ferraris

Player, coach and commentator Jason Dibelius humorously compares how a mechanic in a roomfull of Ferraris looks like a genius when his work is easy, vs. a better mechanic can work miracles with a lesser automobile, much in the same way as a coach of thoroughbred athletes may not be as good as the coach who works miracles with underdogs.

Never let anyone tell you you can’t do something. These were my favorite words from this conversation I had with Jason Dibelius, player, coach, commentator and volleyball podcaster. As a coach that never lacks the a way to communicate with his players or the ability to teach confidence, Jason made a name for himself in New York taking programs with losing records and turning them into powerhouse programs. In 2015 he made his way to California, bought a camera and went down to the beach and transitioned his indoor coaching skills to the beach with Daron Forbes and the Endless Summer Beach Volleyball Club. Jason talks about what it is like to motivate an underdog and some of the colleges his athletes have gone on to play. He is a coach who prides himself on doing more with less and understands both how to teach and motivate a player to become the best that they can be by never estimating the power of hard work and solid coaching. Jason’s inclusive but hard working vibe mixed with his strong technical sense of both the beach and indoor game have made him one of my favorite coaches to watch and learn from in life and on the court. WARNING - EXPLICIT LANGUAGE

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