Game of Life

Wendy chats with Travis Mewhirter and Delaney Mewhirter about finding optimism as lifelong athletes and pro volleyball players. They share insight into how important it is to maintain positive mindsets and focus on what they can control on the volleyball court.

I love chatting with athletes about how they make their marks on the world. We all have such incredible, unique stories to share that inspire people and make a difference in the lives of others. Travis Mewhirter is a talented pro beach volleyball player, coach, and podcast host. I had the pleasure of discussing his mindset, and how he finds the focus to succeed on the court. He believes it’s all about doing the best you can at what you can control. Especially when you are playing on a team or with a partner, it’s easy to blame another player instead of focusing on what you can do better yourself. Keeping an optimistic mindset involves thinking about the positive ways to reframe your own perspective. Delaney Mewhirter agrees that It’s always more impactful to focus on the good than the negative. One thing that stuck out was how parents played a huge role in helping Travis become the athlete he is today. Parents who continuously show up, remain present for their children, and inspire active lifestyles can help nurture not just talented athletes, but well-rounded adults who prioritize health and wellness. This creates a chain reaction that spreads to the people around them. So, as Travis puts it, parents really are superheroes.

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