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About Be Better Productions

Be Better Productions are always created to be conscious, brave, curious, dogma-challenging and to inspire you with real takeaways that create growth and change in the world. And like a great meal, also full of heart, laughter, tears, joy, and feel like the warmth around a dinner table full of old friends.

What I Meant to Say

There is always a backstory right? The kid who struggled through adversity to learn how resilient he was and became a champion. The bullied youth who learned to speak up for himself and became the hero. This is a space full of the wisdoms of age we wish we could share with our younger selves. "What I Meant To Say" shares a world of generational learning that lives in each of these conversations with some truly inspirational humans. Start by investing in the topics that pique your interest - and let your curiosity grow from there!

The Divorce Hacker: Survive to Thrive' Airing Now!


Welcome to Undivided. A Be Better Media production where we explore hot button topics in the world of current events, sports, entertainment, politico, sports, wellness and more. This is our space to tackle these topics with fresh sets of eyes, a place of objectiveness, political homelessness, and with the critical thinking skills that seem to have vanished in the age of oversimplified labels and cancel culture. In a world where people are looking for answers to be fed to them, this is the show where we pose the question, optimistic that we, along with the viewers, can answer some of these questions together because we need to be Undivided.
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Coming Soon!

As human beings, we learn and connect with each other through the stories of our lives. At Be Better Media, we aim to produce stories with integrity that inspire and educate - we call it ‘edutainment’.

Our first series, ‘My Better Medicine’, will educate doctors and patients alike on the many advancements in medical care that are available to help promote better health and wellness on a cellular and energetic level. We cover the lives of patients from Special Forces Veterans and First Responders to moms and athletes who have seen significant improvements to their health and wellbeing due to advancements in care that need to be brought into the mainstream medical system.

Stay tuned. These stories from Be Better will inspire you to live better one day at a time.

From the Sidelines

I've both been drawn to and lived my own life through sports stories. So, this collection of Be Better videos offer wisdom, perspective, and behind the scenes chats with Pros, Amateurs, Hopefuls, Coaches and Parents who have learned important life lessons through the journey of sport - and they will inspire you to do the same!

Carli Lloyd

From the Olympics to Parenting

The best blend of wisdom on sports and life from this Olympian

Taryn Kloth & Kristin Nuss

Player POV

Before the metoric rise, we caught up at their first pro tournment

Jason Dibelius

Mechanic in a Room of Ferraris

Coaches...you won't want to miss this.

Family & Faith

These are the most important tenets in my life that motivate and inspire everything I am. I'm so grateful for the way these values have connected with incredible people doing amazing things to help others. Come hear a few of these stories here.

Eric Cisneros

Being Coach & Parent

Always an interesting dynamic

Steve & Danene Guglielmana

Field of Dreams

From Tragedy to Triumph

Steve & Danene Guglielmana

How Young to Start Volleyball

Make it fun!