Refund and Returns Policy

Shipping & Fulfillment.

Unless otherwise stated in confirmed writing, Through6 will fulfill parcels using all appropriate materials and practices to optimize the delivery of purchased products. The carrier and delivery service will be selected by Through6 to find the best cost for the selected service level. Clients may but are not required to select insurance for the carrier at the time of order. In cases of a lost shipment, the Client may file a claim with the appropriate insurance and/or service carrier. In cases where the shipment is delivered and reported lost, the Client must address all claims or costs with the shipment carrier. Through6 shall not be responsible for any lost shipments, actual or incidental damages caused by the Through6 manufacturing, the product, or loss of the product. Costs for shipping will be invoiced under standard payment terms. Rush requests may incur additional shipping costs.


Through6 will accept returns for manufacturer's defect or Through6 design error with the following conditions:
1. The defect must be reported within 60 days of the delivery date;
2. The defect must be reported to support@through6.com with photograph proof;
3. Return merchandise authorization (RMA) verification form Through6 will be sent via email with return instructions.
4. Client errors are not justification for returns and will not result in a refund. Examples of client errors are included but are not limited to: wrong or incorrectly designed art file uploaded by Client; wrong address provided by Client; low-quality artwork provided by Client.
5. Through6 may swap materials (fabric) to meet your standard order or rush order terms, that may deviate marginally from original product samples, marginal deviations are not considered a defect or error.
6. Through6 will endeavor to provide notice of deviation where/when possible to identify.

If you and Through6 cannot agree on a resolution for your return or service correction, the Dispute Resolution Agreement shall control the remedy process.