Player POV: Wendy & Evan Cory

BBV Founder Wendy Jones meets Pro Beach Volleyball player and Indoor All American Evan Cory who talks about growing up playing volleyball in Louisianna and his home courts of Coconut Beach, as well as developing his own line of sunscreens and clothing line.

Another great experience visiting Coconut Beach was meeting Evan Cory and watch him win the tournament at the same facility where he was introduced to the game. Evan and I caught up about what it’s like to play in front of his hometown crowd (no shock, he loves it), the influence his parents had on his love for volleyball, and what it was like to make the move from blocker to defender as he teamed up with 6’9 blocker Logan Webber. From what I saw he has definitely made the most of the transition. These are two athletes from outside California doing some amazing things on the court. He has some great advice for young players about playing for the love of the game, not getting frustrated in the moment, and staying present while recognizing that there is always room to grow as an athlete and a person. Off the court, Evan’s creativity helps him fund his volleyball dream and keep the sunburn and skin cancer away with his company Blue Nose Beach. From an All-American indoor career, an already inspiring beach career, and his entrepreneurial spirit, I have no doubt we will see lots of great things on and off the court from him in the years to come.

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