Player POV: Kim & Judd Smith

BBV Founder Wendy Jones meets Kim & Judd Smith the owners and builders of Bulldog Beach volleyball courts and club in Bailey Mississippi, and how their dream has helped grow the sport far from the coast,

As athletes, we can be hard on ourselves about the levels of the game we have risen to, because competitors are always looking at how to get more out of themselves. This is a feeling I have had consistently in beach volleyball since I started playing in 2013. But mentorship and lifestyle are a solid part of the beach volleyball community at every level and no matter what level a player has played, there is always something from his or her game and life that can be passed on to the next generation of players. Kim & Judd Smith met playing volleyball and were inspired to build Bulldog Beach and bring the game to Mississippi. They are growing the game far away from the places that it started and the relationships that are built as a result of putting in a facility are as meaningful as the game itself. Their vibe was communal and inclusive from the moment I met them and with that they have inspired other players to carry on the same tradition of encouraging players to grow as athletes and human beings while having a blast at Bulldog Beach. With volleyball, zip lines, and cabins to stay on location, and company like the two of them, this is a place I can’t wait to visit.

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