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Triumph Volleyball Academy owners Steve and Danene Guglielmana discuss with BBV Founder Wendy Jones how from the start TVA has not been an exclusive "club" but an inclusive place to for kids to play, learn and grow through a Christian foundation of spiritual connection. Their goal is not to drive kids to "be" the best, but to "do" their best.

The best paths in life ask us to step out in faith, even when we are scared of the outcome, unsure of the path, or wondering if we will fail. Triumph Volleyball Academy is a beautiful story of people who found strength in their faith at the most difficult time in their lives to create opportunities for other people to find friendship, mentorship, and faith through volleyball, and the stories that have come from their conviction are the kind that create better human beings in this world. From the path of small beach camps and clinics, to the vision to create an indoor program and more “beach” opportunities in the middle of Central Valley vineyards, they are a reminder that we never know what can be done if we don’t listen, try, and challenge what we believe is possible, because there are always greater forces at work that what we see with the naked eye. Piece by piece, their vision has come together to grow the game and inspire athletes not just to play better volleyball but become better people, and with each step, the possibilities for expansion continue to grow.

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