What is Tampa Bay Beach Bums

Dominic Nelson, founder of Tampa Bay Beach Bums, sits down with Wendy to chat about creating an inclusive community of beach volleyball enthusiasts. It started as a social outlet and grew into an amazing organization that spreads the joy of beach volleyball across Florida.

When you pursue anything with passion and purpose, amazing things can happen. Dominic Nelson founded the Tampa Bay Beach Bums out of his desire to create an inclusive and fun volleyball community. Meeting friends and making connections through a shared love of volleyball is how he created his friend network through college and adult life, so he wanted to replicate that outcome for people in Tampa Bay who wanted a competitive outlet. He calls beach volleyball the “original social network,” which is perfectly fitting for how it nurtures lasting relationships and makes it possible to meet all different people. The group grew from a small community of friends into something much bigger, with tournaments across Florida, divisions for everyone from brand new players to pros. Each tournament also has a special charity and theme, expanding the group’s purpose and impact. Sports can be serious, intense, and competitive, but what I love most about beach volleyball is the collective, fun atmosphere it creates, while still getting the competitive juices flowing. The Beach Bums Organization is a perfect example of making an impact through joy, encouragement, and comradery. Dominic believes that staying focused on your own journey, being kind to people around you, smiling, and enjoying what you do is how to spread optimism on a large scale.

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