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Wendy talks about our job as parents and coaches to pass our knowledge and experiences onto younger generations, with the goal of building up mindful athletes who know the value of hard work in facing life’s challenges with purpose and clarity. Book Wendy to speak and inspire your group.

What I love about speaking, and even better, the Q&A sessions, is to be able to connect with people and their stories. After going to through a divorce and raising four children with various interests and abilities, I am passionate about generational learning and how it can help build confidence, increase self awareness, and decrease generational trauma in families. With an emphasis on mindset and how to connect our values and vision with a deep understanding of our nervous systems and how they influence our choices on and off the court, and, as parents, our parenting style, I can cover a myriad of topics that relate to building a whole minded athlete, understanding strengths, turning weaknesses into future strengths and creating a home that thrives with connection and calm. From learning to control what we can control, to understanding that our path is defined by the sum of small choices we make every day, to battling instant gratification and entitlement culture, I would be honored to come and speak to your group on any of these important and meaningful topics in a way that engages the audience to actively participate. Send me a message and let's build a dialogue that moves everyone forward.

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