Discipline & Rising to the Top

Wendy talks with Olympian and pro volleyball player, Brooke Sweat, about the discipline that comes from playing sports, and how it helps her focus on goals and avoid distractions on the journey towards success.

Brooke Sweat, professional beach volleyball player and Olympian, knows the importance for athletes in building a strong mindset in addition to a strong body. We chat about discipline, and how it is the most useful attribute she learned from playing sports. To succeed as an athlete, you must have discipline in all areas of life. That pinpoint focus to rise above distractions and worldly influences is what it takes to stay motivated on your path. It means showing up and doing the less glamorous parts and daily habits that help take care of the body and mind, even when you don’t want to. You can’t arrive on game day without putting in countless hours of preparation. We talk about the trouble of social media that we didn’t have growing up, and how it can be a huge distraction and obstacle to young people today. Staying focused on goals is more challenging when you have constant stimuli telling you how to think, act, and feel. We need strong mentors, and coaches to guide young athletes along the way, and help raise up the next generation. For Brooke, gratitude goes a long way for in dealing with her own daily challenges. Continuously acknowledging the blessings and purpose God has for her puts it all in perspective.

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