Beach Volleyball Coaching Roundtable

A quick chat with Jason Dibelius, Jarren Barredo, and Jeff Alzina highlights the importance of how coaches and athletes learn from and inspire each other while navigating generational differences in perspectives and technology.

This casual chat with three prominent volleyball coaches brings generational differences between players and coaches to the surface. Understanding the differences of how young athletes interact and learn than when we were growing up is essential in being able to guide and nurture them through sports and parenting. Coach and commentator Jason Dibelius, pro beach volleyball coach, Jarren Barredo, and pro/college coach Jeff Alzina chat about the extraordinary technology kids have access to today. Everything they need to expand their knowledge is right at their fingertips, which creates huge opportunities and instant gratification. Young athletes also have an insatiable desire to understand the “why” behind things they are asked to do. We agree that coaches and parents have a responsibility to build a sense of trust, and to lead with a positive example of not just how to play, but how to act and carry ourselves through the world. With the many differences between generations and the constant changes happening in us and around us, we all have so much we can learn from each other. We can impart perspective and gratitude through coaching and parenting, and young athletes can help advance the possibilities of how we connect and learn in sports. By inspiring each other, sharing our stories and perspectives, and learning from others’ points of view, we can all continue to grow in sports and in life

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