Wendy Chats - Carli Lloyd

Carli Lloyd discusses the challenges and joys of life as an Olympic volleyball player and a mom. She shows up with a positive mindset in parenting and playing sports, while prioritizing values like hard-work, kindness, and connection.

Carli Lloyd, Olympic volleyball player and mom, talks about balancing different roles and showing up with humility and kindness through it all. Playing competitive sports at a high level requires a unique skill set and mindset, so I’m always curious to learn how professional athletes navigate life on and off the court. For Carli, the influence of family and a strong set of values continuously helps her navigate the challenges and changes of life. Becoming a parent changes everything for all of us, but the adjustment for a professional athlete can be especially difficult. Carli finds that the excitement of competitive sports is vastly different than the mundane routine of parenting. As deeply rewarding as motherhood is, the hard work isn’t applauded or celebrated like winning a match on the volleyball court. But the mindset of playing sports and parenting does have similarities. Just like sports, parenting requires trusting yourself and constantly seeking growth while learning through challenges. Both roles involve patience, endurance, and strength, even though the qualities show up in different ways. Carli credits her family with helping her build the traits that carry her through every role she plays. Having strong influences is crucial in raising up the next generation of confident, hard-working athletes who move through the world with positivity and kindness in all areas of life.

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