Field of Dreams

Triumph Volleyball Academy owners Steve and Danene Guglielmana share with BBV Founder Wendy Jones why they built six sand volleyball courts in the middle of a vineyard as a tribute to their oldest son who perished while at college.

Meet Steve & Danene Guglielmana, the visionaries and owners of Triumph Volleyball Academy in Madera, California. After experiencing a parents worst nightmare, losing their 18 year old son in car accident while he was a car accident, their faith led them to build a six and a half court facility ( the half court is for the youngest kids they train - the little lizards) with the desire to bring faith and volleyball to any athlete who has the desire to be coached. Their story of turning tragedy into triumph is inspiring to say the least and the lives they have strengthen out of their darkest moment is a story that the volleyball community and the world should know. Their commitment to faith, academics, and volleyball allows them to give out a scholarship to honor Landon every year, something that he had expressed before his death he wanted to do someday, and train not just good athletes but wholehearted, compassionate human beings. This is a field of dreams that has trained hundreds of volleyball athletes and created a culture of inclusion and excellence that kids do not want to leave. They played well after the sun went down under the lights and didn’t want to leave. This is a culture that will serve the game and the world and I hope their story can be spread far and wide.

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