Children & Chiropractic

Former AVP Chiropractor Frank Amato discusses how young children can be for chropractic care and how his uses his own childhood experiences to consider how parents could help facilitate their childrens own journey to greater self awareness.

It’s hard to know how young is too young for patterns and lessons to begin to sink in with kids, but the truth is as human beings, we start building awareness from the moment we are born. In this video, Dr. Frank Amato talks about his experience working with children and how his work can help a child make a stronger mind/body/spirit connection. He understands how to make rehab and recovery look like a game and his training, coupled with his calm and humble mentoring style, has shown me firsthand how it produces amazing results on my own developing athletes. Listen to the end to hear Frank tell one of his own sports stories that makes him reflect on how as parents and coaches we can help athletes manage any sense of fear that lingers after physical, mental, or emotional trauma in sports. He understands that as people we are almost always doing the best we can with what we know, but that there is always room for improvement. Frank Amato is a licensed Chiropractic Orthopedist. His practice, The Center, is located in Hermosa Beach where he has helped countless volleyball athletes return to play in a safe way and always with regard for their mind, body & spirit.

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