AVP Chiropractor

Former AVP Chiropractor Frank Amato discusses his unique and continual path of learning beyond his degree, and how he moved into working with the pro athletes of the AVP Tour.

One of the things that has kept me coming back to Dr. Frank Amato is his genuine curiosity about his field of practice. His desire to always do something more for his patients is evident in the work he has done to continue building knowledge about his craft, and it translates beautifully to his patient success rate. In our conversation, Frank talks about working with the AVP on tour in 2004 and returning to their medical board in 2013 when the AVP was reestablished as the premier American Volleyball Tour, because of his desire to see the care provided to athletes evolve. He has an amazing handle on how to help a body move in a moment of time, but also how to help an athlete reinforce proper motor patterns after a he has restored them with a chiropractic adjustment. His desire to teach athletes that they are in charge of their own well being and have to take charge of their own exercises in order to facilitate consistent proper movement helps them trust their bodies again after injuries. Frank is humble to the core and never the type of practitioner that wants you to believe that your wellness is dependent on him…but as an aging athlete and for my two collegiate athletes, I am grateful to have him in our corner. Frank Amato is a licensed Chiropractic Orthopedist. His practice, The Center, is located in Hermosa Beach where he has helped countless volleyball athletes return to play in a safe way and always with regard for their mind, body & spirit.

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