The Benefits of Aquatic P.T. for Your Nervous System

Teal Levine, water physical therapist and craniosacral specialist, explains how aquatic physical therapy can help calm down heightened nervous systems to create a release in the body and mind.

People with heightened nervous systems can develop chronic physical pain and emotional stress over time, which can be alleviated through aquatic physical therapy. Teal Levine explains that someone on the autism spectrum, like my son, experience a constant state of alertness, making it difficult to relax or find peace and calm. Teal, an amazing aquatic physical therapist and craniosacral specialist, talks about how a heightened nervous system tightens and contracts muscles in a constant state of tension and leaves the body and mind feeling exhausted. She says that relaxing, for someone on the autism spectrum, can be more challenging than even the most rigorous workout. Seeing my son able to release into the weightlessness of the water with Teal and experience a calm feeling brings tears to my eyes as a mother. Relaxing the tension and stress of the body allows relaxing through the mind, which creates a rare moment of peace for him. It’s amazing to see the effects aquatic physical therapy has on the nervous system, and how we could all benefit from this healing method of release. Teal is incredibly gifted in her ability to cultivate trust in the water, allowing her to intuitively feel what each body needs and adjust accordingly.

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