Generational Knowledge

Sinjin Smith shares about his experiences adapting to changes on the volleyball court, and how a positive mindset creates teachable moments despite the outcome of the game. Passing on his stories is how future players can have perspective for what’s important in an ever-changing world.

Sinjin Smith is volleyball legend who understands the importance of passing on his lessons and legacy for others to learn from. The world is constantly changing and so is the sport, but there’s knowledge that comes from telling stories, sharing experiences, and documenting today’s approach to the game. For example, the size of the court is different now than it used to be. Today’s players can learn from people who played on the bigger court and how that affected them. Sinjin offers perspective for how to adjust and adapt as the game continues to evolve. It’s inspiring to see that no matter how much things change, it’s still about doing the consistent internal work of keeping the right mindset on and off the court. Whether you win or lose, there are teachable moments to reflect on that make it a positive experience. It comes down to doing the best that you can do with what’s in your control, and how that makes you feel. Optimism makes space for joy based on how you played the game, regardless of the outcome. Even with the disappointment of losing a match, reflecting on what went right and what can be learned from is something Sinjin hopes to pass on to future volleyball players for years to come.

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