Farmer's Work Ethic - Coaches Dream

BBV Founder Wendy Jones talks with Triumph Volleyball Academy Coach Ken Shaw who describes how the hard working farm kids are such a joy to coach because they already have such a fantastic work ethic. He also shares how so many of the kids have to travel an hour or more just to play and how that love of the game is producing such great volleyball players.

One of the things I was most impressed with when I visited Triumph Volleyball Academy was the desire the athletes had to show up and get better. Chatting with Ken Shaw, one of Triumph's coaches and also a father of two Triumph athletes, I found out that most of these kids travel 45 minutes or more to arrive at the facility and with that demonstrated an intrinsic motivation to be a better player that a coach doesn’t have to try and teach, it’s already there. It reminded me that the things that come easiest to us in life are often taken for granted, but when we have to put in time and effort to achieve something, it makes it that much more rewarding. That’s what the athletes playing at Triumph know too. Their lifestyles as the children of farming families, people who are used to hard work and long days, translate beautifully to sports. The work ethic these kids have because they have chores to do and animals to care for in the morning before they go to school make practice seem easy and fun. Growing the game in a place where there is less entitlement culture is a gift to coaches and the sport of volleyball because, with proper access to coaching like Triumph has provided, not only will we create better volleyball players but stronger people that go out in the world and make it a better place.

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