Player POV: Torin Jeffreys

BBV Founder Wendy Jones meets plant based athlete and nutrition coach Torin Jeffreys who discusses the mind body connection and how he developed his path due to his recovery process from injuries and emotional trauma.

Torin and I connect in this chat on the mind body connection and how much spirituality can play into our athletic journey. As so often is the case, Torin’s self awareness was catalyzed by trauma to his body that resulted in ankle and wrist surgeries and left his body with a strength imbalance from his right to left sides. Torin has a calm awareness about him that transcends his age and I noticed that about him from the first time we met. As an athlete, I understood where he is coming from and how his body imbalances led him to connect to his mind on a more spiritual level to be able to perform better on the court. This same search for answers is what has helped me discover the importance of the mind/body/spirit connection after a bad ankle surgery when I was 37. Sometimes we have to experience our weakest moments to find our innermost strength. Torin has successfully integrated his interest and commitment to nutrition, spirituality, mind/body connection, yoga, and sports psychology to maximize his potential in beach volleyball. His calm demeanor and amazing sense of self make him inspiring to watch on and off the court.

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