How Young to Start Volleyball

Triumph Volleyball Academy owners Steve and Danene Guglielmana share with BBV Founder Wendy Jones how they get the "minis" started through gamifying the learning experience including balloon volleyball around their house.

How young is too young to start playing volleyball? At Triumph Volleyball Academy, they have programs for kids to create body awareness and knowledge of the game before they are ready to cover an entire court. Starting the mini’s off on a half court, coaches create games that barely resemble the actual rallies of beach volleyball but introduce the kids to the sport in a way that is fun and confidence building so that when they are ready, they can transition seamlessly to the bigger court. Steve built his perspective on coaching the younger ages from the USA Hockey Developmental Program and came up with games, one of their favorites is called Clean Your Room, that keep the kids laughing and having fun as they learn how to anticipate the ball and get lots of movement on the mini court. The Guglielmana’s talk about how volleyball has been an integral part of their family bonding in a way that emphasized fun and inclusion, not demanding any certain style of level of play. Volleyball is a sport that athletes can play deep into life, even when our kids can outplay us and this family is one that has used their love of the game to help so many others discover health and the importance of community starting with the youngest players in the game.

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