High Performance Zen

Join Wendy to connect with tenets of deep health and apply tools of physical, mental, and emotional well-being that are enhanced with solid sleep and mindfulness practices that create greater self-awareness and help you to clarify your own personal philosophy and purpose for your life.
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Burnout… Overwhelm…
Anxiety… Disconnection…

This isn’t what you imagined “success” would feel like, is it?

Where is the joy life is supposed to bring? Where is the fulfillment that is supposed to come with success?

The truth is, creating holistic wellness can be a daunting task, whether you are an athlete on the court or a leader in the game of life and want to create a lifestyle that will that will leave a legacy for years to come.

It’s time to learn the recovery and self-awareness tools needed to perform at high levels, be a leader, and cultivate meaning and purpose in your life.
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What does it mean to have
High Performance Zen?

Deep Health and Fulfillment

Many athletic programs focus only on the physical and mental side of health, leaving you unfulfilled and out of balance. High Performance Zen factors in emotional and social health, too, giving you all the tools you need for deep health.

Your Personal Philosophy

By exploring your backstory, you’ll discover your most important values, allowing you to craft a personal philosophy that guides everything you do and finally gives you the alignment you’ve been searching for.

Feel Calm and Connected With Your World

No more broken relationships or feeling disconnected from the situations and people around you. When you’ve committed to creating a healthy internal landscape, your external world shifts too!
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• Explore your backstory and free yourself from any shame or guilt.
• Learn why it is imperative to know your passion.
• Create your own personal philosophy that serves as a lens for your life.

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The Nervous System

• Review sympathetic and parasympathetic states.
• Discover how our nervous system state impacts our perspective and ability to learn and grow.
• Define your ideal balance for productive flow.

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• Brush up on the science behind mindfulness.
• Start your own mindfulness practice.
• Engrain it into your daily life with a personalized program and resources that make it easy.

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Aligned Movement

• Explore neuroplasticity, and find out what happens to your mind when you move.
• Discover how to enjoy the process, not the outcome.
• Use tools like yoga to create space in your mind and body.

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Sleep Quality

• Understand your circadian rhythm.
• Define the ideal sleep conditions for your lifestyle and goals.
• Learn why and how to develop good sleep hygiene.

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And Beyond!

• Apply pillars of hydration and nutrition.
• Use time blocking, goal setting, and more to help you achieve great results.
• Learn how to turn your passion into your Massive Transformational Purpose.

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Finally Experience High
Performance Zen

By learning and applying the tools in my High Performance Zen course, not only will you see performance enhancement, but you will finally find the calm, connection, and greater flow state you’ve been searching for.


Stop operating in fight or flight mode and improve your mental, emotional, physical, and social health when you bring calm to your life and learn to focus on being instead of doing.


By actively creating calm and safety in your life, you will find a deeper connection with yourself, your friends and family, your community, and your world.

Spend Time
In Flow

With a more calm and meaningful connection, we’ll show you how to make choices that will allow you to spend more time in a flow state, creating sustainable success that doesn’t lead to overwhelm or burnout.

Are You Ready for
Massive Transformation?

Could you learn all of this on your own? Yes, absolutely. I did! But it was slow, difficult process that took years of studying sports psychology, positive psychology, and neuroscience to get me to where I am at today (not to mention a hefty financial investment).

Most of us don’t have years, nor the tens of thousands of dollars, that kind of self-study requires. Most of us want to start seeing improvement tomorrow.

I want that for you too; which is why I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned into this impactful, self-paced, 8-unit course. If you’re ready for massive transformation in your life, it’s time for High Performance Zen.
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