Community of Health

Acupuncturist and Yoga instructor Amanda Lee Murphy discusses the importance of community and connection and how alignment with people of similar values and morals keeps us grounded and attuned to be able to maximize our potential.

If there is anything that coming through a worldwide pandemic has taught us, it’s how important community and connection are to our growth, mental health, and stability. In this video, Amanda talks about her transition from medical school to the world of Eastern Medicine and yoga and the influence each of those communities had on her development. Here at Be Better at Volleyball, one of our fundamental tenants is generational learning…being able to pass on the wisdom that we have gained through our life stories in a way that is transparent and trustworthy is of great importance to the next generation and Amanda is an amazing ambassador to be able to do just that. In her practice, she sees many young athletes and is able not only to help them physically through acupuncture and cupping, but mentally and emotionally as well with her compassionate and nonjudgmental communication and care for each patient. My own kids have been put on a healing path because of her wisdom and the community that she has helped me create in my own life and healing process is why I am so proud to have her as part of the Be Better at Volleyball Community. She is able to use whatever brings an athlete in the door of her practice or her yoga class to shift their capacity for growth and help create better athletes and humans. Amanda Lee Murphy, an incredibly insightful, intelligent, and compassionate acupuncturist, recognized as a Top 25 Yoga Influencer by LA Entrepreneur Magazine and based in Manhattan Beach, CA. Her contributions to the local volleyball community help keep athletes performing at the top of their game and her insight helps align mind, body & spirit that creates amazing athletes and even better human beings.

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