365 Days of Optimism


Going through the devastation of a divorce after 20 years of marriage made me take a good look at my patterns and how I had arrived at this place. Through my writing at The Optimists Journal, I realized that I needed to start speaking to myself differently to uncover the gifts and blessings that would bring me through these difficult times. One day at a time, the only pace that was sustainable at the time, I began to speak to myself differently. These are the passages that helped me build back my confidence, courage and love for myself that put my feet back on solid ground. Optimism is the only outlook that gives us the energy to keep going when times get tough. Grab your copy of 365 Days of Optimism - Mantras for Finding Confidence, Courage & Self Love one day at a Time. It’s great for a morning routine, mindfulness practice or to use in a yoga class or classroom setting. Give yourself a dose of optimism every single day…and pretty soon your mind won’t know how to think any other way.

Hardcover Book size 5”x8”,  366 pages


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