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Be Better Media was founded to tell more meaningful stories and to challenge the status quo of problem centered, fear based outlooks that will never inspire hope, optimism, and healing.

It takes courage to tell these stories that fly in the face of today's convention and conformity but these are the paths that need to be seen. They will help us to truly BE BETTER and leave a legacy for generations to come.

The Be Better Media Mission

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Be Better Media has a distribution deal with Binge Networks, who have their own network with 60 million viewers, and also serve as agents who share our content with nearly 500 total distribution partners including giants like Amazon Prime and Hulu.

Binge also provides Be Better Media with our own Channel, where ALL of our shows have a monetized home, thereby driving even more viewers to the uplifting and generationally healing content created by us and for our partners.

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There is nothing I love more than a connected, long form conversation. My inspiration for 'What I Meant to Say' came when I realized how many moments in life I hadn't spoken up and given the world the full dose of me. So, I wanted to create a space to give people a chance to tell their stories, with more grace for ourselves, and the hope that through clarity and connection these stories will help us all Be Better for having listened.

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One thing we know for sure is that curiosity and continued learning are the keys to longevity. There are no hacks or quick fixes on the road to generational healing and sustainable high performance.

So, by always working to align mind, body & spirit, Be Better Life offers courses, coaching, community, products, and more that share key insights, tools, and takeaways for you to use on your journey, and level up your game in any season of life.
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The Divorce Hacker: Survive to Thrive' Airing Now!

Welcome to Divorce Hacker: Survive to Thrive with host, Ann Grant, an attorney, author, entrepreneur, and law professor. On this show, Ann will talk with a variety of guests who have been through divorce and are experts on the topic. Whether you are thinking about a divorce, in the midst of it, or already divorced, we are here to share our stories with you in the hope that you may relate, learn, process, and overcome whatever you are experiencing in your life.

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Welcome to Undivided. A Be Better Media production where we explore hot button topics in the world of current events, sports, entertainment, politico, sports, wellness and more. This is our space to tackle these topics with fresh sets of eyes, a place of objectiveness, political homelessness, and with the critical thinking skills that seem to have vanished in the age of oversimplified labels and cancel culture. In a world where people are looking for answers to be fed to them, this is the show where we pose the question, optimistic that we, along with the viewers, can answer some of these questions together because we need to be Undivided.

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Guest Appearances

Wendy loves to talk about how optimism, neuroscience, and psychology can positively impact one’s life, and has shared her story and expertise on many podcasts and news outlets.
Listen here:
You, Me, Empathy: Sharing Our Mental Health Stories
Episode #158
Optimism, Authenticity, and Living Your Truth with Wendy Jones
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The Option
Part one
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Part Two
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Feeding Curiosity
Episode #074
Wendy Jones: Lessons from an Optimist
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Happily Even After
Episode #013
Let it Out to Grow with Wendy Jones
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E3 Collective Podcast
Episode #013
Wendy Jones - The Optimists Journal
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Episode #074
Wendy Jones - Pivot, Adapt, and Evolve
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The Developing Athlete Podcast
Episode #074
Wendy Jones: Lessons from an Optimist
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Why We Heal with Zuyapa Jackson
Healing Generational Trauma and what high performing athletes need to know w/ Wendy Jones
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Bucket List Careers
Wendy Jones: Founder of Be Better Media, Mindfulness Coach for Young Elite Athletes
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The Divorce Hacker
Parenting During Divorce — How to Keep Your Sanity and Raise Healthy Kids as a Single Mom
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Autism Resource Podcast
A Better Journey with Wendy Jones
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10 Ways to Find Optimism in Challenging Times

Whether you’re navigating personal challenges or a global pandemic (or both), we all have moments in our life when fear seems to take hold.

This free PDF gives you 10 proven tools and techniques you can use to keep the fear at bay and, instead, teach your brain to look at life through the lens of optimism.
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