Go With The Flow One-on-One Course

The Purpose of this Course is to Empower Women to Honor their Hormone Cycle and Integrate Targeted Nutrition, Exercise, and Lifestyle to Perform and Feel their Best.
  • 16 Week Course
  • Hormone Tracking
  • Fundamentals of Nutrition
  • How To: Cooking Basics
  • 75 Fillable/Printable Handouts/Worksheets
  •  Scheduled bimonthly Google Meet presentations with Course Creator, Kahlee York
  • 16 Bonus Starter Recipes
  • Lifetime Access to Digital Course
Total Value: $879
Your Investment: Only $479

Go With The Flow One-On-One Course

Some of the information and lessons included in this course on the female hormone cycle may be considered age-sensitive. Due to the nature of the female hormone cycle, please understand that the topic of sex hormones and sex is discussed because they are an integral piece of the hormone cycle. The topic of sex hormones appears three times in this course. With that, Go with the Flow is in no way condoning or advising on any aspect of your daughter’s relationships or sexual activity.